Offering you more

More social value metrics to choose 126 on TOMs
More of our metrics can be monetised 72% on TOMs
More focus on outputs than inputs for more accuracy
More broad metric set for specific reporting

We’re Green Book aligned

The Green Book is a core piece of guidance issued by HM Treasury on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects; as well as guidance on the use of monitoring and evaluation before, during and after implementation.

In short, it’s the go-to document for best practice in social value. And that’s why we pride ourselves on NSVS being fully Green Book guidance aligned.

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Additionality analysis and economic treatments

Our economic treatments of inflation and discounted fully follow the Green Book

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Green Book advice on GVA and LM3

Our metrics don’t include GVA or LM3, as recommended by the Green Book

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All valuations and outcomes

We frequently update and assess our metrics against updated Green Book advice

We monetise your social value return

Unlike many other standards, we offer hundreds of monetised metrics. That means your reports will have proxy financial values against your project, and those values represent the relative importance of your project to those impacted.

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Actual impact

Through our detailed metrics, a financial number can gives you a truer estimate of the actual impact your project will create

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Greater accountability

Financial numbers support a more effective way of monitoring a project’s success to help hold suppliers to account against what was promised at the start

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Communication tool

Monetisation gives you a single way of communicating with stakeholders at any level. It helps everyone to instantly understand scale and impact

SVI principles alignment

We are proud to be fully aligned to Social Value International’s 8 social value principles. The standard can be fully held to account to all of these for every single report it is used for.

1 Involve stakeholders
2 Understand what changes
3 Value the things that matter
4 Only include what is material
5 Do not overclaim
6 Be transparent
7 Verify the result
8 Be responsive

Want to talk through how we do this in more detail? Arrange to have a conversation with one of our economists.


SVS or TOMs?

This guide provides an overview of the National Social Value Standard (SVS), which is a measurement framework for the appraisal of social value – at the forecasting, monitoring, and evaluation stages.

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